Self​-​titled EP

by Mr Kamikaze

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Recorded in two days with awesome producer-man Mr Pete Miles (Tellison, King Blues, every punk band ever and also Mike TV) and the only release to feature the talents of Mr Jack Wiseman on the geetar. Fun was had, synths were played with and I was much shitter at singing than I realised.

These were songs we'd had knocking about for a while and we thought we'd get them recorded all shiny like cos we'd taken in a lodger and his rent went straight into our band pot. What some may call unethical, others call keen business sense. Either way it totally worked and we were all jolly happy with how it turned out. Even the lodger.

We're only putting up the first three tracks cos you can still buy this CD from or accosting us in the street


released May 28, 2009

Richard Bushby - Vox/guitar/organ
Jack Alexander Wiseman - Guitar/vox
Robin Robotic - Bass/vox/synth
Edwin Brooks - Drums/vox

Songs written by Brooks/Bushby, arranged by Mr Kamikaze



all rights reserved


Mr Kamikaze Rancho Cucamonga, California

New EP will be available right here on January 21st 2013! It will feature, among others, the song "I'm in a Pickle" the video for which can be found here

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Track Name: Break

I'm getting pretty tired of my own company
I'm looking alright, but I'm sick of the sight of me
I act upbeat but I don't always feel it
I'm feeling insecure so I act like an egotist

I've got three songs playing at once in my mind
They're out of time and in styles that conflict
It's a pre-school class and the teacher is blind
So tie me to a chair and throw me out the classroom window

"I need a break like a hole in the head," she said
Now take me to a place that speaks for itself
Where I don't have to understand the language and customs
Forget being kept in the manner you're accustomed to"

Now, I would jump. I want that feeling; falling, flying
I think I don't like liking thinking like this
And I'd lie down but I'm so sick of lying
And I try to try harder but I am hardly even trying

"I need to think with the whole of my head," she said
"Now, take me to a party where nobody speaks!
Where we can just dance to the songs that we know
We'll forget ourselves and leave the party alone"

Go home and throw out all our clothes
Tomorrow, will we be the same again, or somehow changed?
And will we fill our thirsty cars back up again?
Drive to work in them?
Dressing up is fun!

"I need a break like a hole in the head," she said
"You make it up and I take it as read," she said
"The facts you read you don't keep in your head so just
Take me to a place you know nothing about"
Track Name: Like an Injured Racehorse

Why are you still standing here?
Tell me what you want, I'll tell you
What I think you want to hear
It's not a lie if I believe it

Now I'm feeling all washed up
Gotta get rid of some liquid
Cos the pressure's building up
So choose pleasure or melodrama
Any way you want to do it is just fine with me
Just get it over with

She can make you smile like no one else
But she will make you want to kill yourself
You will often wonder what the hell you're doing with her

Running 'round without a care
Why didn't we (STOP!) before we
Charged headlong into despair
And then set up home in there

It was bleak and freezing and we would not go out
We lied in bed and we stared at the ceiling
Tried again but we couldn't get the feeling

He can make your heart soar high above
Then shoot you down with a Kalashnikov
You will start to think you're better off without him around
She will be the one to pass the blame
And he has lost the will to live again
People say that love is just a game
But if you play to win, you get so competitive

Like an injured racehorse, we shouldn't have watched it die
We cried so much, got filled up with anguish
Lied so much it was like a fucking language
Track Name: Waiter

Girl, it's like an oven in here
My face is melting all over my tuxedo
Moving in and out of rhythm
The wedding band
Is playing songs that no one knows

And I'm wondering if you
Feel like running away
With me to an island
Off the coast of Mexico on a beach with a sombrero?
(Oh woah-oh woah woah wo-oh)

I'm the head waiter, I've been waiting all my life
All my life to rest my eyes on a girl like you
You've been working overtime
And you've been looking for a guy
To spend your time for the rest of your life

And I'm wondering if you
Feel like running away
With me to an island
Where we'll never ever have to put on a uniform again

Now, I won't think twice about shoe-shine for just anyone
And I won't ever need to shine my shoes again
Just tell me when you want to go
I'll get your coat

Now, what is on the menu? You like men like me
And baby, I'm cracking like a crème brulee
Oh baby, I'm cracking like a crème brulee
And I would like to talk to her
But I know she'd say

"Sorry, but who the fuck are you?
Don't think I've met you before
Your face is so forgettable

"And I've got a boyfriend
You should be running away
Cos he's meeting me later and
You're a misogynist, a weirdo and your ugly and I don't like you"

Now I see my face in the shoe-shine that I'm staring at
And I know I'll be doing this job for the rest of my life
The husband and wife have got spit in their soup
And it's because of you